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6 Beaches To See ASAP

Book your tix. Hop on Cash in some miles. Are you a beach person? You have to see these beaches, stat.

1. Lanikai Beach on Oahu


I lived in Kailua and on O’ahu for 2 years and fell in love. Lanikai is powdery sugar white sand that seeps between your toes and sneaks inside the crevices of your ears. Due to the reef, the water is protected and the waves stay super small, resulting in the perfect turquoise waters for swimming or SUP-ing. Kalapawai market is just up the street for a sammy, chips, and Kona beers, stop on your way. If you’re in for something more adventurous, you can rent a kayak to paddle out to the Moks – the two iconic islands off the shore of Lanikai.

2. Algarve Coast in Portugal


The Algarve Coast is a water lover’s dream – with kayaking, cliff diving, beaching, caves galore, with fresh caught fish and vinho verde overlooking the sun’s annual dip into the sea when you’re done for the day.

3. Santa Teresa in Costa Rica


This picture was actually taken on the ferry to/from the Nicoya peninsula to Santa Teresa. Go. It’s a charming ex pat community with great surfing, tasty tacos, and hip boho vibe. At magic hour, you’ll find the children playing futbol and the whole town gathered on the beach for a beer and a sunset, nature’s drive-in movie theatre.

4. Padang Padang Beach on Bali

The color of the water. The protected swimming and soft sand. The colorful tents where you can buy hot food or gather shade from the sun. A secret nook so nice they named it twice.

5. Anse de Colombier on St. Barth 

fullsizerender-27You hike a charming pathway through green vines and clouds of white butterflies to get to this secluded beach.  Rocky bathing pools, dreamy ships, and views all the way to the green flash.

6. Cinque Terre in Italy 

209128_544431982262_3864628_o204725_544434277662_1150874_o210149_544434477262_3354881_o209609_544434507202_262689_o220780_544434597022_3193623_o220029_544431343542_6606909_o219564_544408394532_6263079_oIdyllic villages perched on lemon clad cliffs.  Bejeweled paint colors, cubic architecture clustered around quaint Italian swimming coves. Eat pesto pizza, drink local wine, travel between the towns by trail or train. Book your ticket soon because Cinque Terre is going to start setting traveler quotas to keep the crowds at bay.

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