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The Ultimate Bali Packing List

So you’re thinking about a trip to Bali? Follow this Ultimate Bali Packing List to enjoy your trip in style. I always feel most prepared to pack for a trip after going and experiencing the temperatures, humidity, local trends, and terrain. So here are the top ten things you need to pack for your trip to Bali.

1. A One-Piece Swimsuit.

Sexier because they leave just the right amount to the imagination, one-piece swimsuits are comfortable, stylish, and can double as an outfit when paired with a skirt or jean shorts. They will also look great in all of the waterfall, beach, and pool pictures you’ll be snapping throughout your adventure. Put one or a few on your Bali packing list.

Need some one-piece inspiration? Check out my guide: Top 5 Swimsuits: One Piece Wonders

haute scout on swan floating overlooking bali sunset

errin kancal institute of code bali adventures

Errin Kancal of ‘Kind of Design’ takes a nap by the pool at our villa. Photo cred: @eyes_of_a_nomad

2. Spray-On Sunscreen & Bug Spray.

Spray on sunscreen is a must – both for sun protection and convenience (so much faster than having to rub cream all over yourself and recruit a friend to do your back). I like Coola for natural ingredients that don’t irritate my skin and a beachy fresh scent. Bug spray is also a good idea since Bali has mosquitoes. A natural remedy for mosquito bites (and repellent) is lemon, so in a pinch you can rub on some citrus.


3. White Dresses.

Maybe it’s because Bali is a place of perpetual summer. Maybe it’s the crisp, clean feel of a white dress. Or maybe it’s how dang editorial they look against beach, jungle, and gypsy backdrops. Either way, pack a few all-white pieces and forget about those “no white after Labor Day rules” – they don’t apply in Bali.

the blonde abroad, errin, and lauren at la laguna in bali

4. A Sarong.

Okay, so you don’t actually have to pack this one. You can buy a snazzy sarong at one of the markets that abound throughout Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, and beyond. But be sure to bring one or snag one, as these simple numbers have so many functions.

Tie it as a dress, tie it as a skirt, tie it as a different dress (strapless, cross in front then loop around the neck, one shoulder, etc) and it doubles as a towel, sheet, or beach blanket. If you are not wearing a long skirt, bring a sarong to wear on your temple visits. The uses are endless, and the cuteness is priceless.

haute scout wearing a sarong in bali

5. Comfortable Sandals in a Neutral Color.

Bring some sandals you can walk in for miles. These will be your go-to shoe choice in Bali and an essential on your Bali packing list. While tennis shoes are always an option, they do not transition as well to the beach and will make your toes sweat in the heat. Thus, pack some comfortable sandals in a neutral color (tan, brown, black, or gold) as these will match all your outfits – from dancing on tables at Mezcal, to descending the steps to Tegenungan waterfall, to scouring the treasured artisan markets of Ubud.

balinese tiles and feet

6. Swim Coverup.

With the humidity in Bali, swimsuits may comprise a majority of your Bali packing list. To transition from the pool to breakfast, or to prepare for the spontaneous afternoon dip, bring some swim coverups that are easy to slip on and off. I picked up this lacy number, as well as the wicker bag, at the markets in Ubud. (Don’t forget to bargain!)

bali white lace dress

7. Bikinis.

Obviously. Be sure to pack several bikinis of a variety of cuts, colors, and comfort. You’ll want sporty ones for adventure water sports, comfy ones for lounging by the pool, and ones that look good beneath your various sundresses and coverups. No bras needed in Bali, just bikinis.

Looking for a new bikini or two? Check out: The Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Season or The 5 Most Flattering Bikini Bottoms

the blonde abroad and kayl chip in matching L Space Swim bikinis

@theblondeabroad and @kaylchip in matching L Space Swim.

stone fox swim bikini in bali

8. Long Flowy Dresses.

Bali is notoriously hot and sultry, so flowy dresses are your friend. Toss a few into your suitcase; you’ll wear them to everything. A bonus of maxi dresses is that most are appropriately modest attire for entering temples, so you will likely just have to tie on a sash and you’ll be good to go.

haute scout watches the sunset in bali

9. Water Shoes.

While these are certainly not the sexiest item on the list, they will come in handy when you are exploring tide pools, waterfalls, and even muddy rice paddies. I bought these bad boys before a tubing river trip and have not regretted it for a single second – they keep coming in handy!


10. Bright Tops, Dresses, Rompers, Matching Sets, et al.

Bali is a bright and colorful place. It will bring out the bright and colorful in your personality, and your wardrobe. Don’t be shy about packing color, daring prints, and some bold statement pieces to make your vacation that much more fun.

haute scout wearing free people at nalu bowls in bali

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