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The Funs: Adventures & Activities in Bali

The Blonde Abroad blogging retreat was not all work and no play. There was lots of time for funs – activities and adventures in Bali.

Here are a few highlights from an action-packed 10-day experience of a lifetime.


We spent the morning at Sanur Beach a little ways from Canggu, and I went parasailing for the first time! Here they are giving me the instructions: “Red means right, black means left. The flags match your gloves. Start running… and up you gooo!”

parasail sanur bali adventures blonde abroad blogging retreat haute scout

parasailing parasail sanur bali adventures blonde abroad blogging retreat haute scout

haute scout parasail blonde abroad blogging retreat bali adventures

haute scout parasail bali adventures blonde abroad blogging retreat

Jet Skis

We had all the water toys at our finger tips – jet skis, banana boats, and more. I feel the need.. the need for speed.

jet skis sanur bali adventures blogging retreat

Ski ski ski! Photo cred: eyes_of_a_nomad


Stand up paddle boards were on hand for when we needed a more tranquil break from the high-action water toys. The water was glassy and clear, and you could look into the seaweed below for fish and sea creatures.

stand up paddle boarding SUP bali adventures sanur

WhaSUP?! Photo cred: eyes_of_a_nomad

Monkey Forest

We visited the Monkey Forest near Ubud. It’s an intense experience, and when I worked up the courage to hold a banana there was a cute, dainty little monkey nearby. Instead, this big honker lobbed himself onto my head and started channeling the “Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil” monkeys. Needless to say, he rendered me speechless.

monkey forest ubud bali adventures haute scout

See No Evil. Photo cred: eyes_of_a_nomad

Poolside Naps

It wouldn’t be a vacation if you didn’t get to catch some Z’s along with your Vitamin D. The pool at the Institute of Code villa was idyllic for a lil cat nap.

errin kancal institute of code bali adventures

@errinkancal taking a snoozer by the pool. Photo cred: eyes_of_a_nomad


There is so much amazing treasure hunting to be had in Bali. Seminyak has all sorts of shops and markets, and the streets of Ubud are lined with talented artisans selling their wares. I always wish I had more space to bring back more souvenirs! Plan ahead: bring an extra suitcase and do all your Chrismakkuh shopping in advance.

shopping canggu market bali adventures

Rice Paddies (aka Photo Safaris)

As Instagram-savvy (read: addicted) individuals, capturing lots of content was key. We went on a photo safari bright and early one morning to catch the sunrise in the rice paddies. It was well worth the early wake-up call. rice paddies canggu bali adventures haute scout

Sunset at a Water Temple

There are countless water temples in Bali, with incredible sunset views. We visited one along the coast near Canggu and witnessed a breathtaking sundown.

sunset water temple bali adventures


We visited this prolific waterfall, which is about 30 minutes outside of Ubud. You can hop in for a swim, or crawl behind the waterfall and channel your unicorn alter ego. The iconic sign in front of the waterfall reads: “Don’t worry, be sexy… but not naked.”

Happy Hours

Excursions outside of the villa were always a fun change of pace. We went to La Laguna, with its picturesque gypsy vibes (see below). It has velvet cushions, rope lights, a delicious cocktail menu, and a bridge to the beach for your sunset viewing pleasure.


Two coding mentors adopted puppies a few days before we all arrived. Nothing could be a greater addition to the ethos of self-care and silliness than adorable puppies.

institute of code villa puppies bali activities and adventures

@kaylchip giving Houdini a snuggle.

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