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The 5 Most Flattering Bikini Bottoms

Hi. My name is Sally, and I, am a bikini addict.

Why? They’re pretty, they’re fun, they smell of carefree days in salt and sun.

At the same time, the wrong bikini can be worse than no bikini at all. Fit is going to make the most difference, so either try them on or when ordering online order two sizes – a size up and a size down – then return one (check the site’s return policy since some only allow store credit or don’t do returns on swimwear at all).

Let’s take a look at the 5 most flattering bikini bottoms.

  1. The Kiki the Killer Bottom by Boys and Arrows.  These are seamless bottoms that slide smoothly over your hips.  The ruching on the bum accentuates curves sans wedgie. *Bonus: you can wear them under your cute cover-ups without having bulging swimwear lines that occur with ties or bows.

boys and arrows.jpgimg-thing

2. Maui Girl Swimwear has a similarly ruched bum – so cute!  To add to the flattering elements, they offer it in two styles. If you’re into tie sides, try the Hannah bottom (left), or go for ruching all the way ’round and try to the Fru Fru bottom (right).

hanna_bottoms-side_1024x1024     Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 6.37.09 PM.png

3. Ropey side bottoms – aim for at least 4 strands on your hips, they’ll do better than 3 – and will offer a gentle fit that doesn’t squeeze you into a non-existent muffin top. The best brands for this hourglass miracle are Tori Praver (left) and Frankies Bikinis (right – in the Blue Dahlia print).

62b270d9573fdca5cdb3af29fa8e0fe5frankies-bikinis-valentina-bluedahlia-btm4. Get cheeky! There is a persistent trend in panties, lingerie, and swimwear to show off the cheeks. The perhaps counterintuitive thing is that being a little extra brazen can make your booty look a little extra good. Try out Stone Fox Swim‘s Tucker bottoms.
FullSizeRender (70).jpg
5. Try some split sides or crochet sides. The best options for creative new styles include Acacia swimwear (left) and L Space Swim (right).

Flattering bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go ’round!

(*Photo cred for #1 to Boys and Arrows, for #2 to Maui Girl Swimwear, for #3 to Tori Praver and Frankies bikinis, and #5 right side to L Space swim. Below: Boys & Arrows)

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