Are you a go-getter gal who does not want to be confined by arbitrary boxes and limitations?

Haute Scout is for ladies who live outside the box.

Haute Scout is for the mama who jet sets babe-in-arms, the surgeon rocking a romper beneath her scrubs, the digital nomad who refuses the 9 to 5, the gal who summits mountains in lipstick, the friend with a side hustle, the politician with a badass bikini collection, or any other fearless female navigating this magnificent yet terrifying road called life.

We are all sisters – and we are stronger together. Let’s build each other up instead of breaking each other down. Let’s cheer each other on for trying something new. Let’s have each other’s backs when we try, when we fail, and when we set new precedents across all sectors of love, life, self-actualization, family, career, and passion projects.

At Haute Scout, we commit to helping every woman become her best true messy authentic powerful vulnerable stunning limitless self.

We can be fierce and feminine. Free spirits who fancy traditions. Founders and foxes. Let’s build and become the next generation of inspiring, path-changing femme-preneurs. Because we are all entrepreneurs, no matter the setting – at home, at work, or abroad.

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What does Haute Scout mean?

Haute Scout. Out & about, scouting out the haute-est in travel, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. We define haute as hot, new, innovative, exciting, undiscovered, timeless, trendy, gypsy, jet set, and a little bit magical. Anything haute has that je ne sais quoi that makes you feel like you’re a character in a mystery novel helping to change the world.

Where does the name come from?

Haute is French /ōt/ adjective

  1. fashionably elegant or high-class.

‘High’ is both figurative – the finer things in life, silk pajamas – and literal, since travel involves extreme altitudes, whether that be transoceanic flights or summiting fourteeners. Entrepreneurship is a similarly exhilarating experience with some of the most energy-giving highs when you come up with a new idea or make a hard-earned breakthrough.

However, we do not limit our definition to a certain price point. Haute is an outlook. It can apply to the resourceful use of your surroundings, a charming hostel, conducting oneself with humility and grace, or the most delicious hole-in-the-wall noodle shop.

‘Haute Couture’ refers to fashion that is created with a specific woman in mind to wear the frock, the heels, the gown. Haute Scout also seeks to customize content that specifically suits and inspires our audience.

Scout /skout/ noun

  1. a soldier or other person sent out ahead of a main force so as to gather information.
  1. a Boy Scout or Girl Scout.

The creator of Haute Scout, Sally Jean, was a girl scout as a child in elementary & middle school. She said the pledge, wore the sash, sold the cookies, and earned the badges.

There is a certain scout’s honor, desire to do good, and sisterhood that Sally seeks to infuse through her travel and her work. She looks forward to scouting out the best stories, start-ups, fashion, female role models, haute-preneurs, locations, ecoresorts, life hacks, beaches, and anything else that you are curious about.

Does Haute Scout work?

Sally, the founder of Haute Scout, started a school in a low-income neighborhood with the purpose to transform students’ life opportunities. She started Haute-Scout.com a few months ago as a pursuit of passion. Starting this summer 2017, she will be working for the school part-time on a consultant basis (grants, facilities, finance type of stuff).

Meanwhile, Sally is pursuing a Renaissance life. This will include building out Haute-Scout.com, traveling to wild and wonderful destinations, meeting wild and wonderful women, starting a business or two, engaging in political activism, and writing a children’s book.

“I am figuring it out as I go along, the beauty of an unfolding life’s work.”

So, what now?

Subscribe to Haute Scoop, our monthly newsletter. Each month, there will be various ways for you to get involved – to share your opinion, to be profiled in our ‘Haute-preneurs’ series on fearless female innovators, and/or to help shape Haute Scout as the go-to destination for go-getter gals who shatter stereotypes and look good doing it.

#HauteSh*t. #Femme-powerment. #LiveBeyondLimits.