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Blue Skies, Spell’s New Collection


While I was in Byron, I had the pleasure of visiting Spell & The Gypsy Collective’s flagship boutique and design room.  The brand has a beachy bohemian feel that beckons languid afternoons in Greece or Spain or down under.  From braless days to salty nights – Spell speaks to the beach girl inside all of us.


I was there for the launch of the Blue Skies campaign, the designers’ annual foray into the urban state of mind.  Last year, they did New York.  This year, Blue Skies imagines what the Spell muse would wear if she woke up in Paris.  Iconic in both a fashion sense and in the bohemian gypsy mindset (cue opening montage of Moulin Rouge), Paris breathes city, light, and an enchanting past into the Blue Skies collection.

As described on the Spell blog, the Blue Skies slip print “whispers echoes of the Orient…” while the sequins and lace ultimately pulls you into “…a dark little vintage store, lost in the cobbled streets of Paris.”

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The above photos are from Spell & the Gypsy Collective, following muse Sarah Ellen through Paris. Watch the Blue Skies video to escape into the sultry City of Lights.


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