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Haute-preneur: Kate Butler of Flipping Moons

haute-preneur kate butler flipping moon female entrepreneur podcast series

Tune in to the latest Haute-preneur Podcast featuring Kate Butler, of Flipping Moons.

Meet Kate. Kate is a Canadian, a mama, a family therapist, and an entrepreneur. She is living the digital nomad lifestyle along with her husband and two adorable daughters. Her blog, Flipping Moons, chronicles the ‘musings of a wandering family.’

haute-preneur kate butler flipping moons female entrepreneur podcast

Kate and her husband were following that typical blueprint for life:

  • Go to college
  • Get a job
  • Get married
  • Buy a house
  • Have kids

Check, check, check, check, & check. But they found themselves becomingly increasingly disatisfied with the status quo.

So what did they do?

They quit their jobs, sold their stuff, and bought some plane tickets. They realized that all their talk was getting them nowhere and they needed to take some concrete steps towards creating the life they imagined.

Kate may look calm and collected, like she has it all figured out, but she is the first to tell you that they are patching it together as they go. Through her writing, she seeks to share a more transparent and unfiltered picture of what life as a traveling family is really like.

In our interview, Kate talks about her strategy for taking a new leap of faith. Ask yourself: What is the worst-case scenario?  If the worst-case scenario is being right back where you started, then every step forward is worth the discomfort.

You can also read more about How They Decided to Quit Their 9-5’s here.

Kate and I discussed minimalism, revenue streams, balancing screen time, and embracing the unknown. She even offers some pro tips for wanderers who are creating a life with children in tow (hint: childcare).

haute-preneur kate butler flipping moons female entrepreneurship podcast

So far, their slow-travel adventures have taken them to Mexico, rural British Columbia, and Valencia in Spain – where they are now.

Tune in to hear her refreshingly honest perspective about her family’s life as “straight up vagabonds.”

Hello freedom. Hello unknown. Hello to all the challenges of chaos and instability we never saw coming. Hello creativity and choice. Choice. -Flipping Moons

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