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The Ultimate Guide to Swimsuit Season

School is out and summer is officially here. You know what that means: bikini season. If you are still in denial, indulge in some bikini-selecting dad jokes with Scary Mommy.

When you’re ready to take the leap and own the summer, start here.

Shop By Your Body Type.


Photo cred: Gizmodo UK. 

I’m okay with being compared to fruit (or… rhubarb?) for the purposes of a better bikini fit. has this sweet section that gives you recommended suits for your glorious, delicious shape (did they mean to go all Snow White and choose fruits that make the best pies?) Check it out here: What’s the best suit for your body type?

Get on the One Piece Train.


Rockin one of my favs with a plunging neckline & strappy back, by Malai Swimwear.

One pieces are everywhere. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to take the plunge. Often more sexy and flattering, one pieces strategically showcase skin in certain places, without having everything hanging out. Choose your favorite part of your body – chest? bum? back? collarbone? hips? side boob? shoulders? – and find the one piece that dials up the attention on that part. Shop One Pieces (bonus: free shipping)

Need some more onesie inspiration? Check out my post on One Piece Wonders.

Get Knotty.


See how cute the knot is? It’s my fav new look so far this year.

This whole trend has me tied up in knots. This lil knot trick can make all of your last season tank tops, maxi dresses, t-shirts, and button-ups look fashionable and stylin with a simple knot. This same genius approach also applies to swimwear. Check your stash to see if you have an old stretched out favorite that could become brand new with a knot.

If not, helllloooooo Beth Richards swimwear. Just discovered her and I am in love. Buttery fabric, sexy coverage, cool coloring, shapely fit. Go to and shop by designers to see her stuff.

Go For Mega-Flattery.

This strappy-glam macrame Indah suit is going to flatter your hips with the multiple strands that don’t cinch you into a muffin top. Halter tops lift your assets. It’s a win-win.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 4.31.32 PM.png

Photo Cred: @amberlyvalentine

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 4.25.10 PM.png

Photo Cred:

Or, try out Marysia Swimwear. She has the market cornered on that lovely scallop edging, that lays so nicely over curves and corners. Scallops are magic. Check out (bonus: free shipping on all orders) then click ‘shop by designer’ to find these suits.



Try High Waisted.


Lovin Montce Swim for retro cuts and prints, and lots of high waisted options.

Sure beats a gazillion crunches and a juice cleanse to get your abs back in shape. Nah, but for real. This may be the answer you have waiting for – high waisted kinis accentuate your waist and flatter the booty.

Cover Up with a Rash Guard or Wetsuit.


Maybe you’re allergic to the sun or maybe you just like to keep your bod under wraps. The good news is that you can still look snazzy and get lots of compliments at the beach or pool. Check out some cute options here: Shop Wetsuits.


Update a Classic.


This classic, white, thick-strapped Kaohs kini will be keepin me cool this summer.

Do you have a favorite ‘kini that you would keep wearing if only it weren’t so stretched out, threadbare, or faded? Buy an updated version of an old faithful, and skip the fuss of wading through stacks of suits. Check out these Bikini Essentials for lots of good halter, classic, two-piece, one-piece, and failsafe options.



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