Totality in Verse (a poem)

Totality in Verse

She knows
She goes
Whichever way the wind blows

Winds, which are waves
Traveling through the air
Currents of moments
Sphere outlining sphere

Her body is all wavelengths
Waves just like the sea
At 70% water
She is prone to gravity

Her body glows in the sun
Ebbs & flows with the moon
Intertidal monthly cycles
on a summer afternoon

Strawberry juice drips down her fingers
sticky on her toes
a grave, a wave of what if?
Life – she comes and goes

Winds of seasons
Winds of change
Winds of intimate, self-refrain

Yet amidst the seeming chaos
the magnanimity of time
there are these perfect moments
where earth, moon, sun align

& even as we are still moving
toward angled shores of sister spheres
we have a moment of precise balance
in which all our hopes, heartbreaks, & fears

all our chatter & to-do lists
fade to a will-o’-the-wisp
as we stand under the umbra
of a total solar eclipse

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